Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Love and Coconuts

Lately people have been asking us what the smiles are for. Apparently, one of the symptoms of full-engagement with your dreams is a big-ass smile displaying on your face when you aren't even particularly aware of it. We've ended up laying out the plan for most of the folks we talk to and, surprisingly, they seem to get a little swept up in it. The guys especially are excited.

I'm realizing that this dream I've had since I was about twelve and read my first Robb White novels, was only missing one key
ingredient, a fellow sailor to go along with me. I was somewhat affixed on the idea that my dream was a daydream and not something to actually do. Why? I don't know. Maybe I knew I needed to do some emotional-growth work, and so sought out partners who would challenge me in a relationship, as though it were some sort of contest on a hot tin roof. Now that I'm with a partner who meets me and only challenges me to be a better faster stronger me, I'm struck by how close I am to, and how capable I am of making the life I want into a real daily thing.

Best response so far, Kris sent a link (to a boat she's interested in) to a designer she works with. His response was, "That is a super-sweet boat! 150k is a great deal for a floating house! You could sell everything, buy that, and have hundreds of thousands left over. Then you can sail the world and live on love and coconuts."

Love and coconuts.

That's beautiful.

If we hadn't already named the boat Clarity, I think we'd have to go with Love and Coconuts.


Dos Gitanos said...

Greg and Kris, found your blog through cruisers forum. Great plans! Boat shopping is fun. We live over the hill from you, in Sisters, and hope to sell house and buy a boat when the RE market picks up...We lived aboard/cruised a Catalina 34 which we sold in 2000. We are sailors at heart but will buy a trawler this time. The pics in your blog--What kind of boat is that? Best wishes to you! Cruising is a life you can never really come back from.

Greg and Kris said...

Buenos Dias, Dos Gitanos! We've mostly been looking at the big three here in Portland, so Catalina, Hunter, and Beneteau. Greg is on the bow of a Hunter 25 playing around with running rigging in one shot. The interiors are both Beneteaus and pretty large, like 43, we believe.

Sailed yesterday on a Hunter 38 (pics and post to come) and it was beautiful out on the Columbia, although light air. Kris helmed most of the trip and managed to get up to nearly three knots on a close reach down river.

Much aloha!