Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Benny and the Fiddles

Not looking too good for that Beneteau 423. It turns out it's a repo and caught between Portland and Seattle right now.

Kris really likes it; especially for the nice touches the Groupe Finot do in their design. It's a sleek looking boat from the outside, and very liveable on the inside. Definitely a model on our list of what we'd like to have.

This one was on the market here in Portland and just got foreclosed on recently. Apparently, there is a broker in Seattle who handles these sorts of deals and he's got his hooks into it. I don't think the guys who handle repos are the best to get into a deal with. We may just let this one lapse; wrote an offer void date of Nov. 21. We'll keep looking.


Jolea said...

Good luck with everything! If this doesn't work out, something better will come your way. :)

Greg and Kris said...

Yeah, if it works out, grand. If not, then it's not meant to be, right?

I can't wait to sail away!