Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Avast! Who needs crew from Key West?

Anybody out there in blogosphericaland need two crew on either Friday or Saturday, January 9-10 out of Key West or thereabouts?

We are spending a long weekend down there and our only other option is to sit in Captain Tony's and drink Papa Dobles all weekend.

Wait, that's not such a bad option, is it?


Jolea said...

Go out on my old boat, Fury Catamarans... free booze good times guaranteed. :)

bonnie said...

Dang. Can I come?

It's cold here.

We're all excited about going paddling on Sunday because it's going to be in the balmy mid-40's.

Feh. Catamaran in Key West. Rum drinks. Guaranteed good times and I bet you don't have to wear a drysuit.

Sounds sweet.

Greg and Kris said...

C'mon down, Bonnie. I'll buy you a rum runner with a floater at Captain Tony's.