Saturday, March 14, 2009

Test Sail: Beneteau 323 - We Likey

Almost a beautiful day for sailing. The wind was a healthy 15 knots and out of the South. The only bummer was it started raining toward the end and it was a bit cold.

The smile on Kris's face belies the cold.

Note the professional looking gloves, too.

We liked her a lot. Great wind today and we were able to hold a straight line up the river, turn into the wind follow the same line back downriver, hitting over 7 knots a couple of times on the upriver reach.

Part of Kris's sailing smile is attributable to the saloon table's six-bottle wine holder, which you can see right here in front of her.


jomamma said...

Nice boat.... nicer wine storage...

JP said...

Looks like a nice boat... so what next?

Greg and Kris said...

We made an offer and expect to hear something back from them today/tomorrow.


JP said...

Cool! Good luck!