Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Post O Joy

We've sort of gone into hibernation here at the future of the sailing vessel Clarity. Part of our desire to sail outta here is that both Kris and I have had it with winters. If you know anything about real winters and you know anything about Great Northwet winters, you'll think we are real wimps.

Which we may well be.

Winters are very temperate here, which is part of the appeal. However, we don't want anything to do with seasons anymore. Give us a sun over head for twelve hours and leave the dang leaves on the tree.

So, we are doing all of the household stuff for fall prep and counting down the days to Maui. 37 for me and 39 for Kris. I like that math.

On the boat front, we are still working steadily toward making a choice and getting our finances in order to purchase and eventually move aboard full-time.

All of which adds up to why we are slacking on the sailing and posting front. Greg's picking up extra writing work and draining his wit for The Man every day. None left in the evening.

Looking forward to some sun and some breathing room.


bonnie said...

omg. You guys have a wonderful wonderful fabulous amazing time. But then of course you will.

Amen to having had enough of winters. It's a pretty time here in NYC with all the leaves and all, but I start getting a bit down right around the first late-summer day when you walk out the door in the morning and something in the air says that shorts-and-t-shirt paddling time is not lasting much longer.

Greg and Kris said...

Yeah, down to 22 days to go now. Can't wait!

Winters are much harsher in NYC and I didn't mind them as much, oddly enough. Holiday season is great in the city. Spring and fall are a relief from the extreme's you've just ducked out of. And you're always a short trip to the Caribbean. All that aside, I'm tired of 'climates.' I want to sit and sweat. Can't wait to spend two entire days at Fleming beach park surfing some November juice, catching my breath in the sand, and sitting in the shade watching the youngs guys tear it up after. :)