Sunday, November 8, 2009

Who's got the sailing hookup on Maui?

Anybody know some good sailing connections on Maui? I see many of these snorkel and champagne things going on, but no true sailing, other than the America II.


O Docker said...

I've been to Maui exactly once, many years ago, and this is almost certainly not what you were asking about, but being off-topic has never stopped me before.

We were hanging out on the beach at one of the big hotels near Lahaina (I think it was this one) and found a beach boat sail rental place that had small dinghies and Hobie cats. At the time, the largest vessel I'd commanded was a 15-foot dinghy, so this was just my speed.

At any rate, if you've never sailed a dinghy in tropical water, man does it make a difference. No, you can't sail over to Molokini (although it sure looks like that would be cool), but just blasting around off the beach was a pretty neat, low-bucks way to spend an afternoon. Maybe something to consider after you've blown the budget on chartering a big boat for a day. And I'm guessing most sail charters would be nearby, out of Lahaina, anyway.

I think there's not much bareboat chartering there because conditions can get serious, right quick.

Greg and Kris said...

Yeah, I recall seeing those rentals a couple of years ago. I guess I'll scope that out while we are there.

I plan on having some sailing fun, regardless of the obstacles.

Anonymous said...

Lived in Hawaii for five years, visited many times since. You can take the little sailboats over to Molokini if you start early, return late, and suffer the anger of the resort operators. No guts no glory. There are few bare boat operators as there are few anchorages around the islands that would entice people as well as the high cost of moorage.

Greg and Kris said...

I guess I should have mentioned I'm a long-time Hawaii resident and visitor, too. A Molokini sail from the Kihei side would be fun. I think it's about six miles from there. I wouldn't mind shooting across to Lanai from Lahaina, too. I've had friends who've paddled that one.

We'll take pictures and post, whatever turns up from this trip.