Monday, January 11, 2010

Excel-ling Tomorrow

Arrived in London yesterday, despite Air Canada's best efforts to delay us on the frozen tundra of Alberta for an indefinitely long and white weekend. We made the best of our day+ stay in Calgary and have had our first pints in jolly olde.

The boat show tomorrow! It's at a venue here in London called Excel, hence (I'm using pommy conjunctions whilst amongst the speaker's of the King's English) my pun.

Some shots from our walk around town last night, whilst (!) trying to keep ourselves up and awake to adapt to the time change.

I especially like this front view. There was a very light snow falling and I think it gave the sky the special purplish glow you can see here.

The iPhone occasionally takes an exceptionally great picture that surprises you. These shots of Westminster Abbey from side and front, plus that of the tower clocky thing, came out kinda arty.


Greg and Kris said...

And I explained my pun because I know how much the man ahead of the tiller hates that kinda stuff.

tillerman said...

"Whilst" is a good pommy conjunction too. Please use it whenever you can whilst you are in London.

JP said...

Not sure if you've been trying to get in touch, but as have posted my main email account is dead.

Tomorrow alas work day so not easy to head down to Excel. If go my current plans are either thursday evening (when open till late) or weekend

Mostly around for drink if you have some free time.

Like the pictures!

Greg and Kris said...

Hey, JP, a drink would be good. Would Wednesday after work do for you?

@tman - does your offering here mean that I lost you before the first of my two whilst uses?

tillerman said...

You lost me years ago Greg...

Greg and Kris said...

@ Tman - Lying in bed with Kris and reading the responses from family/friends and sailors and I chuckled at your's. Kris said, "Whuh ... ?"

Nuff said.

JP said...

Yup - and have emailed (!!!) hope you got that.