Saturday, November 3, 2007

Days Two and Three

So, day two was a bust. I did some curls with a dumbbell on Day One and then did some curls with two PBRs and three bourbon and cherry cokes on Day Two. 

Got up early on Saturday (day three) and did some work around the house. When Kris got home I went for a thirty minute bike ride. That's progress. Going to try and do the same tomorrow and setup the weights so I can do some lifting, too. 

I think a good routine would be like my daily prayer session. I'm not a religious guy, in the organized sense, but I am spiritual. I find my surfing done regularly to be a prayer-like experience, from what I know about prayer. It usually involves a couple of hours of humbling prostrate exertion, subjects me to rhythms I don't create on my own, and changes my mental state. 

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