Friday, October 17, 2008

Charles Keating's Nephew-the-Plumber

How have the Republicans and the tiny little upper class managed to co-opt such a large swath of working-class Americans? I make enough annual income that I didn't qualify for the Bush stimulus check (you MUST click that link; it's DAMN funny). I'm okay with that, but do guys like Sam the Plumber know that there was a top-end on that thing? Are they aware that they are not in the same boat as guys like McCain-of-the-countless-houses? And why do they seem so oblivious to the fact that Obama is trying to ease their burden and that of the mass of quietly desperate men? This line in the story linked above summed it all up for me "Wurzelbacher told ABC he was 'not even close' to earning $250,000 but worried that Obama would raise taxes for those making less."

Maybe you've got other worries, Sam.

Okay, that's probably it for political rantings; back to the sailing.


tillerman said...

Priceless. I see that Sam the Not-a-real-plumber finally admitted that as he earns around $40k he would actually be better off under Obama's tax plan. I also see that there's a campaign to draft him to run as a Republican for congress.

Greg and Kris said...

Oh, that's just beautiful. I saw Marcy Kaptur on a Youtube rant about the recent bailout and I thought she made some great commentary. If Sir RotoRooter replaces her I'm taking quick action on my threat to move to warmer latitudes.