Friday, October 24, 2008


Any Boz Scaggs fans out there ... willing to admit it?

The Lido 14 is looking like a strong possibility. Meeting up with the doctor who wants to sell on Sunday. Woohoo.

So, maybe we'll be doing this Sunday afternoon:


bonnie said...

Oh thhhbtt (razzberry noise). Why did I come over here? Now I want to go dinghy sailing & that's just probably not going to happen any more for me this year. Waaah.

Shannon Clune said...

Hey Greg (and hi Kris, thanks for sending me the link!), the Lido would be the perfect boat for you two! Not only is it a good sailor (read, you won't always feel like someone wrapped a truck tire around the rudder) but there's a lot of them around- there's consistently 4 to 6 at summer beercan racing every Wednesday on the Willamette ( and a very active fleet down in Eugene of anywhere from 6-15 (and Lido 14 nationals were held down there a few months ago, with nearly 50 boats and an average beer to crew ratio of 1.5 kegs). In short, plenty of fun people to learn from and bitch with! Anyway, lemme know if you need a matey and good luck! Shannon