Thursday, February 19, 2009

Junior Returns to Seattle! And so do we.

Kris and I are off to Seattle for the weekend. We are going for fun, but also planning on looking at boats while we are up there. Our strongest desire was to check out catamarans, but apparently any catamarans that get purchased in Seattle end up sailing off for warmer latitudes in short order. So, not many to see.

There are, however, some pretty great deals on some sweet cruising monohulls, including a Tayana 55 and an IP 45.

Meanwhile the sailing (and drifting) skills continue to build over here.



O Docker said...

I think if I had an Island Packet 45, I wouldn't need a house.

But my wife doesn't agree.

Greg Andkris said...

kris says she wouldn't need a husband if she had an IP 45