Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Photo Tag - You're It!

Captain JP tagged me with something Bonnie the Hawaiian New Yawk Kayaker started spreading amongst the sailing bloggers.

Now you're it. Go to your picture folders and pick out the fourth folder and then the fourth picture.

Here's mine. It's from Kris's and my recent trip to
Spain. Here we are sitting in Paco y Carmen's kitchen outside Sevilla, with our little friend, Pata Negra. We are holding snifters of what Paco called "brandy" but it tasted like no brandy I've ever had. It tasted a lot like a port, in fact.

Here's the box the bottle came in. Oddly enough, the photo is the fourth photo, in the fourth folder of my 'modified' photos.


jomamma said...

Interesting that they have a device to hold that leg thingy... every well stocked kitchen should have one.

Christy ~ Central Air said...

Looking at that 'leg' thingy, mounted in its 'leg caddy' makes me vaguely uneasy. It's a lovely photo of you and Kris, though!

JP said...

I rather like the leg thing. Brings back memories of trying out melt in the mouth acorn eating cured jamon.


bonnie said...

My friend Richard (he of the spare schooner, anybody want to buy a schooner? The Rosemary Ruth is a charmer!) had a picture on his blog of one of those "leg thingys" - they'd picked one up as part of their transantlantic provisions & kept it wrapped in cloth & tied to the backstay!