Thursday, January 8, 2009

Omphaloskepsis Virus Spreading

Uh-oh, now Black Hockey Jesus is getting all Derrida on us over at The Wind in your Vagina.

This turn of the calendar, while awaiting the return of our Northern Hemisphere sun, must be the season for us to gaze at our navels and wonder; wonder 'why not go ahead and get the double cheeseburger?"


O Docker said...

It sounds like you may have started early on the Papa Dobles - not that there's anything wrong with that.

Checking out this Derrida guy, it appears I may have missed my calling.

I mean, why slave away at some dumb desk every day when you can be a philosopher? These dudes don't have to answer the phone, get any reports in by end of day Friday, or figure out why Excel won't launch. They just have to ask a lot of profound-sounding questions. I could definitely handle that. Look how easy it is:

Is the Tillerman not posting because it is his way or because it is not his way? Ha, see what I mean? Total BS, but it SOUNDS like it might mean something deep.

And if you run out of handy explanations for stuff, you just start making up your own words to describe things. That makes anyone who doesn't know the words you just made up look stupid. And then you get paid to give lectures to explain the meaning of the words you just made up.

Where do I sign up?

Greg and Kris said...

And the most beautiful thing about the philosopher gig has to be that you don't answer the questions, you just 'pose' them, albeit profoundly.

Hone your profundity and you'll be huge in the philosophy game.

I'm at the Atlanta airport, bound for Ft. L.

They are calling for zone 7 now. Gypsy Pirate Wench, here we come!