Saturday, January 31, 2009

Today's Rant: Truth in Advertising - The Politics of Slicing Pork Products

I know that if you want to claim your book has been revised, you have to change something like 20% of the content. I also know if you want to claim your food product is 'reduced fat' you have to drop at least 30% of the calories.

My question, who the hell is watching over the bacon industry?

This 'thick sliced' label is a joke. the most recent package of so called thick sliced bacon, which I bought, wouldn't be considered thick by the most anorexic super-model wannabe.



jomamma said...

Don't I know it! Did you know there are fewer Girl Scout cookies in each $3.50 box AGAIN this year... I still have some in the freezer and I'm checking the serving size when my 2009s get here! Dang Ripper-offers!

O Docker said...

Maybe they're slicing with thick knives. They didn't actually say the bacon was thick. You've got to watch these marketing guys.

But if you pay for bacon by the pound, wouldn't thicker slices mean fewer slices?

The local Ikea actually offers breakfast to lure in early shoppers. They serve the only see-through bacon I've ever seen, uh through.