Monday, January 26, 2009

Winter Getaway Recap

Days away - 19
Airline legs - 8
Train legs - 1 (Eurostar from London to Paris)
Blogging sailors we met - 2 (Captain JP and the GPW)
Positive experience with French waiters - 1.5
Nasty French waiters in Paris - 3 (impressive considering we were only in France for 29 hours)
Women on quiet Paris side streets who tossed their heads and huffed after hearing our American accents - 1
Nasty people elsewhere - 0
Days until our planned return to Paris - [insert scientific notation here]
Colds acquired - 1 each
Family and friends caught up with - 4
Tapas plates consumed - dozens
Bottles of Rioja consumed - 1.2 per day (in Spain)
Scarves purchased by Kris - all of them (1 for Greg, 2-3 for friends, many for Kris [all worth it])
Countries visited - 5 Conch Republic, UK, France, Spain, Gibraltar
Sailing excursions - 2
Fish and chip platters - 6
Flamenco bars - 3
Number of times we said of Vejer, "This place is incredible." - 47


jomamma said...

Looks like a good time...

Greg and Kris said...

Yes, it was fantastic and all kicked off with the little redhead in Key West.


jomamma said...

Isn't she a kook?

Greg and Kris said...

She's a sweet girl. We loved hanging out with her. Good job, mama!

jomamma said...

Thank you, we pat ourselves on the back regularly for her and the brother.

JP said...

Glad to hear it sounds like a good trip.

You even managed to get the real "Paris experience" ;)

Jolea said...

WHAT A TRIP!!! yall are makin' me blush....